Managed Fiber Infrastructure Services

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Managed Fiber Infrastructure Services

Whether it is managed services or assistance in a specific functional area or expertise on part of the fiber infrastructure, corrective or preventive maintenance, we have you covered.

Managed Services Personnel




Field Maintenance(FLM) Cluster Leader

Team leader for Field Maintenance(active and passive)

Manage the On-site Maintenance Team based on cluster

NOC Back Office(BO) Engineer

NOC Back Office Engineer for RAN/TX/MW, with adequate skill

Support on-site team and resolve network faults.

Help Desk

Desk Engineer

The interface between SPA and customer care department, handle the customer complaints issues and distribute to Back Office and Opt Team.

Senior Consultant

Senior Expert with rich MS experience

Senior Managed Services expert, functioning as the deputy director of the project

Warehouse Manager

Warehouse Manager

In charge of warehouse management and SPPS process

DT Analyzer

Drive Test Analyzer

Analyze DT result and make report

DT Engineer

Drive Test Engineer

Drive Test



Climb up the tower and assist on-site engineer to resolve the fault.

Network Monitoring Engineer

Monitoring Engineer for NOC Front Office

Network surveillance and report network fault to Back Office, distribute TT to on-site team.

Network Optimization Engineer

Network Optimization Engineer for RAN

Network Optimization working with NOC team with sufficient skill

Active FLM Technician

Field Engineer for RAN/TX/MW Active

On-site troubleshooting and preventive maintenance for RAN access

Passive Maintenance Technician

Field Technician for Passive

On-site troubleshooting and preventive maintenance for passive


include driver & fuel

Drive Test or active or passive maintenance

MS Tools

  • DT Investigation Tool(4/5G support)
  • DT Analysis Tool(4/5G support)
  • RAN Simulation Tool(Aircom)
  • RAN Simulation Tool(Atoll)
  • Frequency Scanner(PCTEL)
  • Field Maintenance Toolkit
  • Field Maintenance consumable
  • All the other necessary tools for Field Maintenance such as Spanner, Screwdriver, Multimeter, Compass, Distometer, etc
  • All the consumable materials such as Tapes, Cable ties, etc